Geriatric Traumatology: The effectiviness of integrated orthogeriatric treatment on 1-year outcome in frail elderly with hip fracture

Ellis Folbert


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    In an elderly person, a hip fracture can have severe consequences for the patient due to the risk of loss of mobility and early death. As the population ages, the number of patients with hip fractures will increase. The treatment is complex due to the occurrence of several disorders, malnutrition, memory issues, the use of various drugs, regular falls, bone decalcification and infirmity. The risk of complications and death is significant and is linked to high treatment costs.
    To improve the results of the treatment and efficacy, surgeons and orthopedists have developed various treatment models. In the Netherlands, the Center for Geriatric Traumatology (CvGT ), where the integrated orthogeriatric treatment model is used, was established in 2008. This model distinguishes itself from the joint treatment responsibility of the trauma surgeon/orthopedist and the geriatrician. Starting at the Emergency Ward, both specialties work together intensively with the support of a multidisciplinary team, and the emphasis is on preventing complications and loss of function.
    Since not much research has been conducted into the effectiveness of this treatment model so far, the recovery of elderly patients with a hip fracture was studied at the CvGT.
    Compared to the period before 2008, CvGT patients developed significantly fewer complications, and the duration of admission decreased with significantly fewer readmissions within 30 days. Significantly more patients with a hip fracture survived the first year. After integrated orthogeriatric treatment, there appears to be a connection to better short- and long-term treatment results for elderly patients with a hip fracture.
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