Glycoprotein H of herpes simplex virus type 1 requires glycoprotein L for transport to the surfaces of insect cells

DF Westra*, KL Glazenburg, MC Harmsen, A Tiran, AJ Scheffer, GW Welling, TH The, S WellingWester

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In mammalian cells, formation of heterooligomers consisting of the glycoproteins H and L (gH and gL) of herpes simplex virus type 1 is essential for the cell-to-cell spread of virions and for the penetration of virions into cells. We examined whether formation of gH1/gL1 heterooligomers and cell surface expression of the complex occurs in insect cells. Three recombinant baculoviruses, expressing gL1, gH1, and truncated gH1 (gH1t), which lacks the transmembrane region, were constructed. It was shown that recombinant gH1/gL1 and gH1t/gL1 heterooligomers were produced in insect cells. As in mammalian cells, gH1 and gH1t were not detected on the surfaces of insect cells in the absence of gL1. When coexpressed with gL1, recombinant gH1 was displayed on the surfaces of insect cells. Coexpression of gH1t and gL1 resulted in secretion of the gH1t/gL1 complex into the cell culture medium, indicating that gH1t is also transported to the surfaces of insect cells. Our results indicate that the process of folding and intracellular transport of gH1 and gL1 is comparable in insect cells and mammalian cells and that the baculovirus expression system can be used to examine the complex formation and the intracellular transport of gH1 and gL1. The availability of secreted gH1t/gL1 complex offers the opportunity to further investigate the immunological properties of this complex.

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TijdschriftJournal of Virology
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StatusPublished - mrt-1997

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