Graphing calculator supported instrumentation schemes for the concept of derivative: a case study

Gerrit Roorda, Pauline Vos, P.H.M. (Paul) Drijvers, Maarten Goedhart

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This paper reports on the role of the graphing calculator (GC) in the learning of derivatives and instantaneous rate of change. In a longitudinal study, we administered task based interviews before and after the introduction of calculus. We analyzed students’ use of the GC in these interviews. This paper reports on the case of one student, Andy, who is a resilient user of the GC while he develops into a flexible solver of problems on instantaneous rate of change. His case demonstrates that, although the GC is meant to promote the integration of symbolical, graphical and numerical techniques, it can facilitate a learning process in which symbolical techniques develop separately from other techniques.
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TitelProceedings of the Joint Meeting of PME 38 and PME-NA 36
RedacteurenC. Nicol, S. Oesterle, P. Liljedahl, D. Allan
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StatusPublished - 2014
EvenementJoint M eeting of PME 38 and PME - NA 36 - Vancouver, Canada
Duur: 15-jul.-201420-jul.-2014


ConferenceJoint M eeting of PME 38 and PME - NA 36

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