GraphoGame SI: the development of a technology-enhanced literacy learning tool for Standard Indonesian

Elisabeth Borleffs, Toivo Glatz, Debby A. Daulay, Ulla Richardson, Frans Zwarts, Ben A. M. Maassen

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    Early intervention programs are generally considered the most efficient and beneficial approach to providing support to struggling beginning readers. This paper discusses the theoretical background, development, and design of, as well as the first results obtained with, GraphoGame for Standard Indonesian, a technology-enhanced learning environment that trains the basic skills of reading by high but playful exposure to grapheme-phoneme coupling. The results of the pilot study assessing the usability of the program in 69 first-graders show that the more the students with low pre-test phonological skills were exposed to the game, the better their post-test performance on reading and decoding fluency became. Although large-scale, randomized controlled studies are needed to confirm the effectiveness of GraphoGame SI, these promising first results may offer a stepping stone for the development of additional language versions and future systematic comparisons of the method’s results in different languages and populations.
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    TijdschriftEuropean Journal of Psychology of Education
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    StatusPublished - okt.-2018

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