Green-Light-Sensitive BODIPY Photoprotecting Groups for Amines

Kaja Sitkowska, Ben. L. Feringa, Wiktor Szymanski*

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We describe a series of easily accessible, visible-light-sensitive (lambda > 500 nm) BODIPY (boron-dipyrromethene)based photoprotecting groups (PPGs) for primary and secondary amines, based on a carbamate linker. The caged compounds are stable under aqueous conditions for 24 h and can be efficiently uncaged in vitro with visible light (lambda = 530 nm). These properties allow efficient photodeprotection of amines, rendering these novel PPGs potentially suitable for various applications, including the delivery of caged drugs and their remote activation.

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TijdschriftJournal of Organic Chemistry
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StatusPublished - 16-feb-2018

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