Growth and crystallization of sio2/geo2 thin films on si(100) substrates

Jordi Antoja-Lleonart, Václav Ocelík, Silang Zhou, Kit de Hond, Gertjan Koster, Guus Rijnders, Beatriz Noheda*

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The growth of α-quartz-based piezoelectric thin films opens the door to higher-frequency electromechanical devices than those available through top-down approaches. We report on the growth of SiO2/GeO2 thin films by pulsed laser deposition and their subsequent crystallization. By introducing a devitrifying agent uniformly within the film, we are able to obtain the α-quartz phase in the form of platelets with lateral sizes above 100 µm at accessible temperatures. Films containing different amounts of devitrifying agent are investigated, and their crystallinity is ascertained with X-ray diffraction and electron back-scatter diffraction. Our work highlights the difficulty in crystallization when competing phases arise that have markedly different crystalline orientation.

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StatusPublished - jul.-2021

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