Growth of Chaetodon larvatus (Chaetodontidae: Pisces) in the southern Red Sea

ZA Zekeria, S Weertman, B Samuel, T Kale-ab, JJ Videler*

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Growth and age of Chaetodon larvatus were studied using growth bands in otoliths and length-frequency analyses. Otoliths of 180 C. larvatus were extracted and measured. Polished sections of sagittae revealed alternating opaque and translucent bands corresponding with a seasonal growth pattern. Both mass and size of the otoliths continue to grow steadily throughout life. Length-at-age data revealed very fast growth during the first year. Growth proceeded at a decreasing rate during the second and the third year; fishes older than 3 years did not grow noticeably. No difference in growth patterns between males and females could be detected. The growth parameters obtained for the whole population are: the asymptotic length (L-infinity)=10.64 cm, growth constant (K)=1.14 year(-1) and the theoretical age at length zero (t(0))=-0.30 year. The maximum age recorded was 14 years. Length frequency data collected at a recruitment site confirmed the fast growth of juveniles.

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TijdschriftMarine Biology
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StatusPublished - mrt-2006

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