HandbikeBattle A challenging handcycling event: A study on physical capacity testing, handcycle training and effects of participation

Ingrid Kouwijzer


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    Physical inactivity is a global public health problem. Individuals with a physical disability are the least physically active. This is a problem because physical inactivity can result in a decreased fitness and health. However, becoming physically active and participating in exercise on the long term is a challenge. For this purpose, the HandbikeBattle was organized for the first time in 2013. The HandbikeBattle is a challenging annual handcycling event in the mountains of Austria. The time trial is 20.2 kilometers long with 863 meters of elevation. Each year, twelve Dutch rehabilitation centers participate in the HandbikeBattle with teams of four to six former rehabilitation patients each. They train four to five months. The participants train together with their team members, but they are also supposed to take initiative to train independently at home or with family and friends. Since 2013 an observational cohort study has started to investigate the effects of participating in the HandbikeBattle. All participants are monitored physically and mentally from the start of their training period until one year after they participated in the event. The results of the study show an increase in fitness during the training period and this increase was sustained long term. In addition, there was an improvement in quality of life, which was associated with the increase in fitness. Moreover, the results gave a good overview of the training load. Lastly, we gained more information about the best testing methods for this population to be able to prescribe the right training regimes.
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