Desafio de Saúde e Divulgação Científica: uma experiência holandesa

Adriana Mattos*, Adriana Pugliese

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This work describes a multidisciplinary project developed during a four-day period, full time, in May 2018. About 130 second year bachelor students from different courses at Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Hanze UAS), The Netherlands, worked in mixed-team groups. Students were presented with a public health problem that should be solved using a technical solution, in a healthy-ageing context. The result should be an innovative health-related product, which should also consider economic and design aspects for future commercial purposes. Final presentations were performed to a jury composed of three external evaluators, who named the three best projects. During the whole project, students were highly motivated and actively seeked for solutions to the proposed challenge.

Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageHealth challenge and scientific diffusion: a dutch experience
Originele taal-2Portuguese
TitelTrabalho para o 3º Encontro da Associação Brasileira de Centros e Museus de Ciências (ABCMC) – Rio de Janeiro, setembro 2018
StatusPublished - 15-sep-2018

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