Health economics of targeted cancer therapies: A comparative analysis for Serbia and the Netherlands


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Targeted cancer therapies (TCTs) present a breakthrough that marked the field of medical oncology over the last two decades. These therapeutics brought improvements in survival and/or quality of life for various metastatic cancers, which came at a considerable cost. This thesis is centred on contrasting TCTs’ costs and effectiveness in the conditions of Serbia. Additionally, inferences drawn for Serbia were tested through simultaneous analyses in Dutch setting whenever possible.
Firstly, the thesis examined the general conditions in epidemiology of cancer and access to the TCTs in Serbia. Furthermore, it dealt with the estimation of costs and effectiveness in an example of metastatic renal cell cancer TCTs within the Serbian and the Dutch setting. In that way major issues in modelling of TCTs effectiveness were illustrated. Costs minimisation analysis of same TCTs with different routes of administration served to describe the pattern of supportive costs in TCTs’ use within Serbian and Dutch practice.
Raising mortality and relatively poor survival with the disease stressed cancer as one of the main health issues in Serbia. Although broader access to TCTs is possible and may contribute to the improvement of cancer survival, most of TCTs would not appear cost effective under traditionally accepted thresholds. In order to enable effective TCTs evaluation, Serbia needs to constitute a rational reimbursement policy with clear definition and important role of pharmacoeconomics within it. Finally, relying on Dutch experiences TCTs may require even more elaborated reimbursement regulations with emphasis on appropriate cost effectiveness modelling.
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