Health-Related Quality of Life 3 Months After Kidney Transplantation as a Predictor of Survival Over 10 Years: A Longitudinal Study

Lucia Prihodova*, Iveta Nagyova, Jaroslav Rosenberger, Robert Roland, Johan W. Groothoff, Maria Majernikova, Jitse P. van Dijk

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Aim. This study explores the association between kidney function, side effects of immunosuppressive treatment, coping self-efficacy, and physical and mental HRQoL at 3 months (baseline) after kidney transplantation (KT) and their impact on patient and graft survival for up to 10 years (follow-up).

Methods. A group of 151 patients provided at baseline their socioeconomic and medical (CKD-EPI) data and completed the End-Stage Renal Disease Symptom Checklist (perceived side effects), the coping self-efficacy scale, and the SF-36. At follow-up, patients' health status was noted. Univariate GLM exploring the main effects of the independent variables on physical and mental HRQoL was performed; furthermore, Cox regression analyses were performed to determine whether the early posttransplantation factors predicted patient and graft survival.

Results. Less severe side effects of immunosuppressive treatment and higher efficacy in stopping unpleasant emotions were associated with both higher physical and mental HRQoL at baseline. Younger age was associated with higher physical HRQoL and older age, and lower efficacy in getting support from family and friend were associated with higher mental HRQoL Patients reporting higher physical and mental HRQoL at 3 months and with higher age and better kidney function had higher odds of surviving with a functioning graft.

Conclusion. Older age, higher kidney function, and higher physical and mental HRQoL at baseline significantly improved the odds of graft and patient survival over 10 years. These results show the importance of close monitoring of early posttransplantation HRQoL along with kidney function and reported side effects because of their effect on long-term patient outcomes.

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StatusPublished - 15-jun.-2014

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