Herschel: Testing of Cryogenics Instruments at Spacecraft Level and Early Flight Results

B. Collaudin, D. Montet, Y. Roche, S. Ilsen, C. Schamberg, M. Cesa, K. Goodey, J. Rautakoski, C. Jewell, S. Idler, A. Koppe, N. Sonn, D. Hendry, S. Hamer, O. Bauer, H. Feuchtgruber, E. Sawyer, B. Swinyard, S. Sidher, P. RoelfsemaP. Dieleman, D. Teyssier

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Herschel cryogenics instrument (HIFI, PACS, SPIRE) flight models have been delivered to ESA & Prime contractor Thales Alenia Space mid 2007, to be integrated and tested on the Herschel spacecraft, for a launch mid May 2009. The instrument integration and test campaign at spacecraft level was performed between mid 2007 and end 2008 in Astrium GmbH, Immenstadt (Gernany) and later in ESA's test facilities at Estec, Noordwijk (Nederland). The objective of these tests was to demonstrate full operability and performances of the instruments in spacecraft configuration, and their compatibility with the launch and space environment, while maintaining full compliance with the underlying requirements. A set of short functional tests were developed and used repeatedly to quickly check the health of each instrument at key points
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TitelTransactions of the Cryogenic Engineering Conference (CEC)
SubtitelAdvances in Cryogenic Engineering. AIP Conference Proceedings
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StatusPublished - apr-2010
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