Het Surinaams gezondheidsrecht in ontwikkelingsperspectief

Muriël Marlia Poepon

Onderzoeksoutput: Thesis defended at UG & UG (co)promotor, external graduate (DEV)

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The government plays an important role in the organization, structuring, regulation and protection of health law. Legislation is of great importance within health law. It assigns powers, rights, duties and tasks to the government to ensure the availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality of health care as well as to protect and promote the health of citizens.
Many topics concerning health law are regulated through administrative law. This may include admission to a number of medical professions and admission to running a family practice.
But also the way in which medicines are allowed, patients are insured, food safety is guaranteed, the contamination with diseases from animals to humans, the contamination of people to people and the protection of third parties against damage caused by the use of tobacco are regulated. The Surinamese legal doctrine has paid little or no attention to this and to what the health law could encompass.

This study gives insight into the administrative law aspects of Surinamese health law and to the promotion of the accessibility of health legislation.
A large part of health law related issues is dealt with by discussing relevant laws and assessing them against the standards of the internationally guaranteed right to health, the quality requirements of legislation, and administrative law requirements such as those relating to legal protection and enforcement.
In addition, it has been examined which legal principles are relevant to the health laws. The effect of many health laws has also been highlighted in practice.
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