Het verbeteren van de beeldvorming aangaande de competentie van minderheden: Een theoretische verkenning

Hans van Dijk, Floortje Rink

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Initiatives aimed at improving the positions of minorities in organizations
have yielded mixed results at best. These mixed results are at least in part due
to the image of minorities as less competent. In this article we posit that the
use of endorsements can improve the image of the competence of minorities in
organizations. We present a theoretical exploration that explains how and under
what circumstances endorsements can improve the image of the competence of
minorities. The core of our theoretical exploration is twofold. First, we posit that
the effect of an endorsement is driven by the person making the endorsement:
The more positive the status of the endorser, the more positive the effect will
be on the image of the competence of the endorsee. Second, we assert that
an endorsement has a stronger effect when the endorsement contrasts with a
current image. We therefore expect that in particular minorities can benefit from
a strategic use of endorsements because it can correct potential negative biases
regarding the competence of minorities. Our theoretical exploration offers various
opportunities for research, and presents a number of practical ways in which
organizations can improve the image of the competence of minorities.
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StatusPublished - 6-sep-2018

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