Het verwijderen van tandsteen als hoeksteen van de parodontale behandeling

G-H. E. Tjakkes*, M. C. Belder

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    The removal of calculus is a major part of periodontal treatment, in order to improve the clinical situation. Calculus develops on hard tissues in the oral cavity. This can occur both supra- and subgingivally. The rate of its development depends on a variety of factors. Due to the rough surface, calculus is an ideal basis for a (harmful) biofilm. It is therefore a point of debate whether the calculus or the overlaying biofilm can lead to the periodontal inflammation. This in turn raises the question whether only this biofilm needs to be removed or whether the calculus also needs to be removed. As long as ten centuries ago, the removal of calculus was used as a treatment for improving oral health and that is not very different today.
    Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageCalculus removal as the cornerstone of periodontal treatment
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    StatusPublished - dec.-2021

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