Het werken met kernkwaliteiten in het basisonderwijs: onderzoek naar het versterken van welbevinden en het verhogen van het zelfbeeld bij leerlingen in het basisonderwijs met behulp van kernkwaliteiten

Peter Ruit


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Working with core qualities in primary education
The general research question is: to what extent can a goal-oriented intervention with pupils aged 7-12 years increase well-being and strengthen self-concept?
We conclude from the research results that it is possible to make young pupils aware of their most frequently used core quality, whereby multiple effects were observed. Secondly, we conclude that immediately after the intervention period as well as after three months, there is a positive effect on the pupils' well-being. Third, we found a small but positive effect on three dimensions of self-concept (peer relations, general-school, and mathematics). Finally, we found explanations for the efficacy of the developed intervention: the intervention is perceived as exciting, relevant and meaningful, generates positive emotions, the teachers' pedagogical ideals are realised, it provides appreciation and self-concept improves. In addition, a number of barriers have been identified that reduce the effectiveness of the intervention, the most important of which is the obligation to record in the logbook how the pupil has used his/her core quality, which creates resistance among both pupils and teachers.
The applied intervention in this dissertation provides teachers with tools to play an important role in helping young people to acquire not only cognitive, but also social and emotional skills to increase well-being and strengthen self-concept.
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