Hierarchical structure formation in supramolecular comb-shaped block copolymers

Anton Hofman, Gerrit ten Brinke, Katja Loos

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Block copolymers are known to spontaneously form ordered structures at the nano-to mesoscale. Although the number of different morphologies is rather limited in diblock copolymer systems, their phase behavior becomes increasingly more complex with each additional building block. Synthesis of such all-covalent materials is, however, a very challenging task. By moving to supramolecular chemistry these preparation methods can be avoided while maintaining the same kind of macromolecular complexity. After a brief introduction, this feature article will provide a selection of the most recent work performed in the field of self-assembling supramolecular block copolymer-containing materials. By careful choice of both the copolymer and, in many cases, the small organic surface active compound, fascinating morphologies can appear in supramolecular comb-shaped block copolymers. Several examples will be discussed, while a number of functional materials (e.g. thermal, optical, electronic) originating from these type of complexes will be addressed as well.
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StatusPublished - 10-aug.-2016

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