High Contribution of Biomass Combustion to PM2.5 in the City Centre of Naples (Italy)

Carmina Sirignano*, Angelo Riccio, Elena Chianese, Haiyan Ni, Katrin Zenker, Antonio D'Onofrio, Harro A. J. Meijer, Ulrike Dusek

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A better knowledge of the local and regional sources of the atmospheric particulate matter provides policy makers with the proper awareness when acting to improve air quality, in order to protect public health. A source apportionment study of the carbonaceous aerosol in Naples (Italy) is presented here, in order to improve this understanding in a vulnerable urban area. The aim of this study is quantifying directly fossil and non-fossil contributions to carbonaceous aerosol, by means of radiocarbon measurements. This is the first time that such an approach is implemented in this area. Fine particles with diameter

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StatusPublished - aug-2019

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