High frequency spin dynamics in hybrid metallic devices

Marius Vasile Costache


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This thesis describes a series of experiments aimed at the understanding of the physics of magnetization and spin dynamics in the GHz frequencies range (1 - 40 GHz) in hybrid submicron ferromagnet/normal-metal devices. Understanding and control of the interplay between charge, spin and magnetization dynamics in ferromagnet/normal-metal structure is required for further development of nanoscale spintronic devices. In addition to understanding the basic physics of magnetization and spin dynamics at high frequencies, we were able to develop two new microwave measurement techniques. The major results of this thesis are as follows: 1.The influence of multiple electrode magnetic configurations on the spin valve signal in a four ferromagnetic terminal spin valve device is observed (chapter 4). 2.New methods to induce and detect on-chip ferromagnetic resonance in an individual, submicron permalloy strip are developed (chapter 5 and 6). 3.Anisotropic magnetoresistance detection of resonantly enhanced magnetization reversal by microwave magnetic fields in an single cobalt strip (chapter 8). 4.Dc electrical detection of the spin pumping effect due to the precessing magnetization of a single ferromagnet (chapter 7). The detection of spin pumping offers novel insight into the fundamental physics of spintronics and could lead to new technological applications.
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KwalificatieDoctor of Philosophy
  • van Wees, Bart, Supervisor
Gedrukte ISBN's9789036730044, 9789036730037
StatusPublished - 2007
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