High-Order Non-Conservative Simulation of Hyperbolic Moment Models in Partially-Conservative Form

Julian Koellermeier*, Manuel Castro

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In this paper the first dedicated study on high-order non-conservative numerical schemes for hyperbolic moment models is presented. The implementation uses a new formulation that allows for explicit evaluation of the model while satisfying conservation of mass, momentum, and energy. The high-order numerical schemes use a path-conservative treatment of the non-conservative terms and a new consistent evaluation of the eigenvalues. The numerical results of two initial value problems, one stationary test case and a boundary value problem, yield stable and accurate solutions with convergence towards the reference solution despite the presence of a non-conservative term. A large speedup or accuracy gain in comparison to existing first-order codes could be demonstrated.
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TijdschriftEast Asian Journal of Applied Mathematics
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StatusPublished - mei-2021
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