High-Purity Fe3S4 Greigite Microcrystals for Magnetic and Electrochemical Performance

Guowei Li, Baomin Zhang, Feng Yu, Alla A. Novakova, Maxim S. Krivenkov, Tatiana Y. Kiseleva, Liao Chang, Jiancun Rao, Alexey O. Polyakov, Graeme R. Blake, Robert A. de Groot, Thomas T. M. Palstra*

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High-purity Fe3S4 (greigite) microcrystals with octahedral shape were synthesized via a simple hydrothermal method using a surfactant. The as-prepared samples have the inverse spinel structure with high crystallinity. The saturation magnetization (M-s) reaches 3.74 mu(B) at 5 K and 3.51 mu(B) at room temperature, which is larger than all reported values thus far. Electrical transport measurements show metallic behavior with a resistivity 40 times lower than in an previous report, The potential use of greigite as an anode in lithium-ion batteries was investigated by cyclic voltammery and galvanostatic discharge-charge cycling On as-prepared samples. The discharge capacity was 1161 mAh/g in the first cycle and 563 mAh/g in the 100th cycle. This excellent electrochemical performance can be attributed to the high purity, crystallinity, and favorable morphology of the products.

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TijdschriftChemistry of Materials
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StatusPublished - 28-okt-2014

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