High surface area starch products as filler-binder in direct compression tablets

G.HP te Wierik, J.S Ramaker, A.C Eissens, J Bergsma, A.W. Arends-Scholte, C.F Lerk

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Amylodextrin and modified starch products were prepared from amylose-free starches and from (amylose containing) potato starch by enzymatic degradation, followed by precipitation and filtration. The intermediate retrograded starch products were dehydrated by drying at room temperature or washing with ethanol. Chemical dehydration resulted for both the amylodextrin and the modified starch products in a high specific surface area and a high compactibility, whereas thermal dehydration produced particulate solids with low surface area and poor binding properties. The compactibility of the powders appeared to depend on their surface area as determined by nitrogen adsorption, and on their moisture content. High surface area modified starch products appeared to be suitable candidates for application as filler-binder in tablet formulations for direct compression as demonstrated in a comparative study with Avicel PH101(R).

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StatusPublished - mei-1996

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