Highly Conductive Metallic State and Strong Spin-Orbit Interaction in Annealed Germanane

Qihong Chen, Lei Liang, Georgia Potsi, Puhua Wan, Jianming Lu, Theodosis Giousis, Eleni Thomou, Dimitrios Gournis, Petra Rudolf, Jianting Ye*

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Similar to carbon, germanium exists in various structures such as three-dimensional crystalline germanium and germanene, a two-dimensional germanium atomic layer. Regarding the electronic properties, they are either semiconductors or Dirac semimetals. Here, we report a highly conductive metallic state in thermally annealed germanane (hydrogen-terminated germanene, GeH), which shows a resistivity of similar to 10(-7) Omega.m that is orders of magnitude lower than any other allotrope of germanium. By comparing the resistivity, Raman spectra, and thickness change measured by AFM, we suggest the highly conductive metallic state is associated with the dehydrogenation during heating, which likely transforms germanane thin flakes to multilayer germanene. In addition, weak antilocalization is observed, serving as solid evidence for strong spin-orbit interaction (SOI) in germanane/germanene. Our study opens a possible new route to investigate the electrical transport properties of germanane/germanene, and the large SOI might provide the essential ingredients to access their topological states predicted theoretically.

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TijdschriftNano Letters
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StatusPublished - mrt.-2019

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