Home-based Behavioral Parent Training for children with ADHD: a follow-up treatment for non-responders to routine clinical treatment?

Ellen Nobel


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    Ellen Nobel describes in her thesis a randomized controlled trial investigating the effectiveness of a manualized home-based treatment (Behavioral Parent Training Groningen @HOME [BPTG@HOME]) for children with ADHD. The treatment was offered when children responded insufficiently to the evidence-based treatments medication (such as methylphenidate) and outpatient parent training. The study included 73 school-aged children with ADHD. They were assigned to one of three groups: a group that received short BPTG@HOME, a group that was on a four-month waiting list for home-based treatment, and a group that received a long, eclectic, homebased treatment that is common to give in clinical practice.
    The study showed that BPTG@HOME is a better alternative to not providing treatment, and the longer home-based treatment. Compared to the other groups, children in the BPTG@HOME group had - after treatment - significantly fewer behavioral problems and parents used less harsh and inconsistent discipline. It also became clear that in a home-based treatment it is not only important that parents learn to use less harsh discipline, but also obtain an increased feeling of parental competence, and experience less stress while managing the behavioral problems of their child. BPTG@HOME also led to positive effects on these variables, compared to the waiting list group. Finally, six months after treatment parents in the BPTG@HOME group experienced the behavioral problems of their child as less problematic than other parents. In short, BPTG@HOME is an effective and efficient follow-up treatment for children with ADHD who did not respond sufficiently to other treatments.
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