Home mechanical ventilatio: the Dutch approach

R. J.M. van den Biggelaar*, A. Hazenberg, N. A.M. Cobben, D. A.M.P.J. Gommers, M. A. Gaytant, P. J. Wijkstra

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In the Netherlands we have an unique organisation of only 4 centres being responsible for all patients who need Home Mechanical ventilation(HMV). Nationwide criteria for referral and initiation of HMV are stated in our national guideline and recently a unique national learning management system (LMS) for all caregivers and professionals was developed. A nationwide multi-centric research program is running and every centre is participating. In this paper we provide information about the evolution of HMV in the Netherlands during the last 30 years, including details about the number of patients, different diagnose groups, residence and the type of ventilators.

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StatusPublished - mrt.-2022


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