Household Barriers to Climate Change Action: Perspectives from Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Liliana González Hernández, Erik Meijles, Frank Vanclay

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It is necessary to mobilize households so that they make changes to their everyday activities to address climate change. However, in the academic literature, there has been little focus on the perceived barriers to climate change action at the household level. Previous research has also highlighted a need for more studies in Latin America. This study contributes to the literature by filling these gaps. In a face-to-face and online survey administered in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, we asked participants what barriers impede their household from taking action to address climate change. Using thematic analysis, seven main barriers were identified: (i) everyday life; (ii) awareness of climate change; (iii) lack of perceived locus of control; (iv) physical limitations of the dwelling; (v) social, (vi) regulatory; and (vii) economic. Given the significant potential effects of climate change in the Nuevo Leon region, a better understanding of the barriers that prevent households from addressing climate change will inform the development of targeted guidelines and strategies to address changing climate.

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StatusPublished - aug.-2019

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