Household metabolism in Groningen

Henk-Jan Falkena, Henri C. Moll, Klaas Jan Noorman, Rixt Kok, René Benders

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This report is the Dutch national report of the second work package of the ToolSust project. ToolSust, the involvement of stakeholders to develop and implement Tools for Sustainable households in the city of tomorrow, has been developed within the fifth framework program of the EU, as a part of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development: Key action 4: City of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage, 4.1.2 Improving the Quality of Urban Life. In this second phase of the ToolSust project, the concept of household metabolism is applied to enhance the understanding of the environmental impacts of household consumption in the city of Groningen. The results are presented in this report. We express the household metabolism in terms of total energy requirements, including the direct and indirect energy requirement. To calculate the energy requirement of households, we make use of the Energy Analysis Program, EAP, developed at IVEM. Energy intensities of consumer goods, calculated with EAP, were combined with expenditure data to determine the total energy requirements of different types of households.
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StatusPublished - 2003

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