How to Sanction a Breach of Information Duties of the Consumer Rights Directive?

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Traders must provide information to consumers according to the Consumer
Rights Directive in case they conclude a distance contract, an off-premises contract, or a contract in another manner. It is the task of the Member States to sanction breaches of those information duties. This article classifies the information duties on basis of their objective, namely supporting decision-making, enabling storing information, and facilitating the exercise of rights. Subsequently, it addresses the question of how German, English, and Dutch law provide for sanctions in case traders breach those information duties. This article shows that the way breaches are being sanctioned in Germany, England, and the Netherlands, inter alia depends on choices that have been made
regarding the legal consequences of unfair commercial practices and the enforcement of consumer law. It further shows that the actual use of sanctions depends on the question: ‘who can apply a sanction and what does this actor has to prove?’
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StatusPublished - 31-jan-2019

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