How working in cross-functional teams relates to core attributes of professional occupations and the moderating role of personality

Eric Molleman*, Manda Broekhuis

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In this study, we related the extent to which professional workers participate in cross-functional teams (CFTs) to 3 facets of professional occupations: domain distinctiveness, accountability, and task autonomy. Furthermore, we investigated whether these relationships are moderated by 3 personality traits: extraversion, emotional stability, and openness to experience. The data were collected using a survey involving 2,068 Dutch medical specialists. The results show that, overall, working in CFTs is negatively related to domain distinctiveness, positively related to accountability, and negatively related to task autonomy. For those low on extraversion and low in openness to experience, we found negative relationships between working in CFTs and domain distinctiveness. Emotional stability weakens the positive relationship between working in CFTs and accountability. Emotional stability and openness to experience weaken the negative relationship between working in CFTs and task autonomy.

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TijdschriftGroup Dynamics-Theory Research and Practice
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StatusPublished - mrt-2012

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