HSP DNAJB8 Controls Tumor-Initiating Ability in Renal Cancer Stem-like Cells

Satoshi Nishizawa, Yoshihiko Hirohashi*, Toshihiko Torigoe, Akari Takahashi, Yasuaki Tamura, Takashi Mori, Takayuki Kanaseki, Kenjiro Kamiguchi, Hiroko Asanuma, Rena Morita, Alice Sokolovskaya, Junichi Matsuzaki, Ren Yamada, Reona Fujii, Harm H. Kampinga, Toru Kondo, Tadashi Hasegawa, Isao Hara, Noriyuki Sato

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Cancer stem-like cells (CSC) are a small population of cancer cells with superior tumor initiating, self-renewal, and differentiation properties. In this study, we show that the cancer-testis antigen and HSP40 family member DNAJB8 contributes to the CSC phenotype in renal cell carcinoma (RCC). DNAJB8 overexpression increased the percentage of side population (SP) cells representing CSCs in RCC cells, enhancing their tumor-initiating ability. Conversely, attenuation of DNAJB8 decreased SP cells and reduced tumor-initiating ability. The utility of DNAJB8 as an immunologic target was established in DNA vaccination experiments. Compared with immunization with the tumor-associated antigen survivin, which was expressed in both CSCs and non-CSCs in RCC, immunization with Dnajb8 expression plasmids yielded stronger antitumor effects. Together, our findings suggest that DNAJB8 plays a role in CSC maintenance and that it offers a candidate for CSC-targeting immunotherapy in RCC.

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TijdschriftCancer Research
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StatusPublished - 1-jun-2012

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