HSP40/DNAJ Chaperones

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Members of the HSP40/DNAJ family comprise one
of the largest groups of molecular chaperones, and
are present in all living organisms from bacteria
to humans. The hallmark of DNAJs is the presence
of a J-domain, which is crucial for interaction with
HSP70. DNAJs can be seen as the workforce that
steers HSP70 machines, regulating client input and
specificity. The different DNAJs are involved in processes
such as (re)folding, intracellular transport
across membranes, protein modifications, remodelling
of protein complexes and protein degradation.
In particular, different DNAJs are able to
suppress aggregate formation of several amyloidogenic
proteins linked to human diseases. On the
other hand, mutations in many DNAJs give rise to a
wide range of pathologies, attesting to their fundamental
role in cellular homeostasis and general
protein quality control.
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StatusPublished - 17-mei-2018

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