Icebound frontiers of exploitation: Networks for whaling in the Polar regions, 1904-1931

Ulf Ingemar Gustafsson


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In my researchproject, I have studied the history of Natural resource exploitation in the polar regions.
More specifically, I have studied the history of the modern whaling industry in both the Arctic and the antarctic. Previous research have mainly focused on, and explained modern whaling as just another Activity to make quick profit.
In my research I show that it was more complex than this, and that scientific, economic, political, and environmental factors dictated and determined the activities of the modern whaling industry.

This thesis is a part of the International Polar Year Project LASHIPA (Large Scale Historical Exploitation of Polar Areas), where researchers from the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, USA and Russia have studied the history of exploitation in the polar regions.
For more information please see the webpage of the Arctic Centre/Groningen Institute for Archaeology.
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