Identifying the Role of Manufacturing Execution Systems in the IS Landscape: A Convergence of Multiple Types of Application Functionalities

S. Waschull*, J. C. Wortmann, J. A.C. Bokhorst

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Manufacturing execution systems (MES) enable the detailed control of manufacturing operations, i.e. they facilitate digital and integrated shop-floor systems as envisioned by Industry 4.0. Yet, many manufacturing organizations struggle to integrate MES and demarcate it from other information systems (IS) in manufacturing. Therefore, this paper explores how MES can be functionally and technologically distinguished from other IS to determine its (future) role in the IS landscape. To provide an answer, this research applies the conceptualization of IS into five application functionalities and underlying enabling technologies. They are referred to as transaction processing, interactive planning, analytics, document management and process monitoring and control systems. We found that MES merges different types of application functionality into one system through its diverse functional requirements, and therefore can be characterized as technologically heterogeneous, in contrast to other ‘classical’ systems. MES then also takes on a central integrating role in the IS landscape. The findings offer an explanation for the challenges associated with the adoption of MES functionality, and highlight the importance of addressing integration questions in light of Industry 4.0.

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TitelAdvances in Production Management Systems. Towards Smart Production Management Systems
SubtitelIFIP WG 5.7 International Conference, APMS 2019
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StatusPublished - 1-sep-2019
EvenementIFIP WG 5.7 International Conference on Advances in Production Management Systems, APMS 2019 - Austin, United States
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ConferenceIFIP WG 5.7 International Conference on Advances in Production Management Systems, APMS 2019
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