Imaginaries of Connectivity: The creation of novel spaces of governance

Luis Lobo-Guerrero (Redacteur), Suvi Alt (Redacteur), Maarten Jan Meijer (Redacteur)

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    This edited book project addresses the problem of how the creation of novel spaces of governance relates to imaginaries of connectivity in time. While connectivity seems almost ubiquitous today, it has been imagined and practiced in various ways and to varying political effects in different historical and geographical contexts. Often the conception of new connectivities also gives birth to new spaces of governance. The political denomination of spaces – whether maritime, continental, social, or virtual – reflects the situatedness of power. Yet, such crafting of new spaces also expresses particular imaginaries and technologies of connectivity that make governance possible. Whereas the study of international relations has traditionally focused on the role of agency and structure in power relations, the affects, beliefs, attitudes, and practices that intervene in how groups of people connect in given times have not attracted much scholarly attention. This edited volume brings such imaginaries of connectivity to the fore in order to explore the three interrelated problems of connectivity, novelty and spatiality.
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    UitgeverijRowman and Littlefield
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    StatusPublished - 9-dec.-2019

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