Immune related endonucleases and GTPases are not associated with tumor response in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer treated with checkpoint inhibitors

H O Ramdani, M Falk, L C Heukamp, S Schatz, M Tiemann, C Wesseler, L Diehl, E Schuuring, H J M Groen*, F Griesinger

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Immune related endonucleases have recently been described as potential therapeutic targets and predictors of response to treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI). The aim is to evaluate the association between the expression of 5 biomarkers involved in the immune response (CD73, CD39, VISTA, Arl4d and Cytohesin-3) in parallel with the more common ICI-predictive markers, PD-L1 expression and Tumor Mutation Burden (TMB) with response to ICI therapy in an advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cohort.

METHODS: Patients with advanced NSCLC treated with ICI single agent were divided into responders and non-responders according to RECIST v1.1 and duration of response (DOR) criteria. Immunohistochemistry was performed on pretreatment tumor tissue samples for PD-L1, CD73, CD39, VISTA, Arl4d, and Cytohesin-3 expression. TMB was estimated with NEOplus v2 RUO (NEO New Oncology GmbH) hybrid capture next generation sequencing assay. Resistance mutations in STK11/KEAP1 and positive predictive mutations in ARID1A/POLE were also evaluated.

RESULTS: Included were 56 patients who were treated with ICI single agent. The median progression-free and overall survival for the whole cohort was 3.0 (95% CI, 2.4-3.6) and 15 (95% CI, 9.7-20.2) months, respectively. The distribution of CD73 in tumor cells and CD39, VISTA, Arl4d and Cytohesin-3 expression in immune cells were not different between responders and non-responders. Also, PD-L1 and TMB were not predictive for response. The frequency of STK11, KEAP1 and ARID1A mutations was low and only observed in the non-responder group.

CONCLUSION: Separate and combined expression of 5 biomarkers involved in the immune response (CD73, CD39, VISTA, Arl4d, and Cytohesin-3) was not associated with response in our cohort of advanced NSCLC patients receiving single agent ICI. To confirm our findings the analysis of independent larger cohorts is warranted.

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TijdschriftPathology research and practice
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StatusPublished - nov.-2021

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