Impact of a Nurse-Led Health Promotion Intervention in an Aging Population: Results From a Quasi-Experimental Study on the "Community Health Consultation Offices for Seniors"

Anne Esther Marcus-Varwijk*, Lilian L. Peters, Tommy L. S. Visscher, Carolien H. M. Smits, Adelita V. Ranchor, Joris P. J. Slaets

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Objective: The study evaluated the nurse-led intervention "Community Health Consultation Offices for Seniors (CHCO)" on health-related and care needs-related outcomes in community-dwelling older people (> 60 years). Method: With a quasi-experimental design, the CHCO intervention was evaluated on health-related and care needs-related outcomes after 1-year follow-up. Older people who received the intervention were frail, overweight, or were smoking. The comparison group received care as usual. In both groups, similar data were collected on health status, falls and fractures, and care needs. In the intervention group, additional data were collected on biometric measures and health-related behavior. Results: The intervention group and the care-as-usual group included 403 seniors and 984 seniors, respectively. Health-related outcomes, behaviors, and biometric measures, remained stable. After 1 year, care needs increased for both groups, but at a lower rate for the care-as-usual group. Discussion: The CHCO intervention showed no significant improvement on health-related outcomes or stability in care needs-related outcomes.

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TijdschriftJournal of Aging and Health
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StatusPublished - jan-2020

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