Impact of double TMD effects on transversity measurements at RHIC

Wilco J. den Dunnen, Daniel Boer, Aram Kotzinian


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A quantitative estimate is presented for the double transverse spin asymmetries at measured q_T in both the Drell-Yan process and W-boson production due to Transverse Momentum Dependent (TMD) effects. These spin asymmetries are calculated as a function of the lepton azimuthal angle as measured in the laboratory frame. In this frame, in contrast to the Collins-Soper frame, the TMD effects contribute to the spin asymmetry A_{TT}(q_T) in the same way as transversity does, which makes them a background for transversity measurements in the Drell-Yan process and new physics studies in W-boson production. Using the current knowledge of the relevant TMDs we conclude that this background is negligible and, therefore, will not hamper transversity measurements nor new physics studies when performed in the laboratory frame. We also point out a cross-check asymmetry measurement to bound the TMD contributions, which is independent of assumptions on the sizes of the relevant TMDs.
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TitelThe proceedings of the XIX International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects
StatusPublished - 30-jun-2011

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