Implant-supported removable partial dentures in the mandible

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    Conventional removable partial dentures (RPD) in a free-ending situation in the lower jaw (i.e. only front teeth left) have a poor reputation. Several problems like discomfort and functional problems are frequently encountered, resulting in dissatisfied patients and desperate dentists. By supporting the RPD by implants, good results were reported by other researchers as we started our clinical trial, be it based on weak scientific evidence.

    In our randomized cross-over clinical trial several aspects of implant-supported removable partial dentures in the mandible were investigated. Clinical –, radiographical – as well as functional aspects and patient-based outcome measures were obtained and related to different implant positions within each patient: more to the front or further to the back of the lower jaw. This concept was unique and innovative. In addition cost-effectiveness and the radiographical interpretation of bone volume were studied.

    In general it is concluded that patients are well served with an implant-supported RPD, regardless of implant-position. Implant-support resulted in a significant improved chewing ability, oral health related quality of life and patient satisfaction with stable clinical and technical conditions. Based on the preference of patients, the implants should be placed more to the back, but from a clinical point of view it is wise to place the implants directly behind the last remaining natural teeth. The cost-effectiveness is determined and dependent on the willingness of the payer to invest. Panoramic radiographs suffice in most of the cases for the evaluation of implant placement in the lateral parts of the lower jaw.
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