Implementation of the self-management of well-being interventions: determinants and effects


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    The Self-Management of Well-being (SMW) interventions are evidence-based in strengthening self-management ability and well-being of older adults. However, use of the SMW interventions in health and social care is still limited, despite their profit for an aging participatory society. Knowledge about successful implementation is lacking.

    In an implementation project, 60 professionals from 23 health and social care organizations were trained to deliver the SMW interventions. Together they recruited 287 older adults to participate in the SMW group intervention.

    The research had two main questions: 1) Which factors determine the successful implementation of the SMW group intervention in health and social care and 2) Are the effects in older adults sustained after implementation in practice?

    The study showed that the degree to which existing and new tasks were compatible was decisive for trained professionals to use the intervention. The level of support and formal reinforcement from the organization determined the frequency of use of the intervention. Older adults continued to benefit from participation with an increase in self-management ability and well-being. Participation also contributed to the participant’s network as a beneficial unintended side effect.

    Extensive and frequent use of the SMW group intervention in health and social care is recommended. This can be achieved by focusing the implementation strategy on the organizational climate for implementation, in addition to and preferably prior to the standardized training of professionals. Future research should focus on the factors that determine the reach of the target group and lead to commitment of financiers and policymakers.
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