Implementing the Environmental Protocol Domestically: An Overview

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This book - edited by Davor Vidas of the Nansens Institute (Oslo, Norway) - is the first book that comprehensively discusses the implementation of the Environmental Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty. Part V of this book includes a number of chapters describing the measures that have been taken by selected Contracting Parties to implement the Environmental Protocol for the Antarctic. The Chapter of C.J. Bastmeijer gives an overview of the issues that are relevant for the domestic implementation process. The discussion includes an identification of the most important (international and domestic) factors that may influence the domestic implementation process and the most important legal questions that Contracting Parties had to address. The conclusion of the Chapter includes three major issues of concern that need attention in the benefit of an effective protection of the Antarctic environment.
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TitelImplementing the Environmental Protection Regime for the Antarctic
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StatusPublished - 2000
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