Improved measurements of branching fractions for eta(c) -> phi phi and omega phi

Z. Haddadi, N. Kalantar-Nayestanaki, M. Kavatsyuk, H. Löhner, J. Messchendorp, M. Tiemens, BESIII Collaboration

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    Using (223.7 +/- 1.4) x 10(6) J / Psi events accumulated with the BESIII detector, we study eta(c) decays to phi phi and omega phi final states. The branching fraction of n(c) -> phi phi is measured to be Br(eta(c) -> phi phi) = (2.5 +/- 0(-0.7)(+0.3) +/- 0.6) X 10(-3,) where the first uncertainty is statistical, the second is systematic, and the third is from the uncertainty of Br(J / Psi -> gamma eta(C)). No significant signal for the double Okubo-Zweig-Iizuka suppressed decay of eta(c) -> omega phi is observed, and the upper limit on the branching fraction is determined to be Br(eta(c) -> omega phi) < 2.5 x 10(-4) at the 90% confidence level.
    Originele taal-2English
    TijdschriftPhysical Review D
    Nummer van het tijdschrift9
    StatusPublished - 11-mei-2017

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