Improving Provenance Data Interaction for Visual Storytelling in Medical Imaging Data Exploration

L. Amabili, J. Kosinka, M.A.J. van Meersbergen, P. M. A. van Ooijen, J. B. T. M. Roerdink, P. Svetachov, L. Yu

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Effective collaborative work in diagnostic medical imaging is not trivial due to the large amounts of complex data involved,
a (non-linear) workflow involving experts in different domains, and a lack of versatility in the current tools employed in
healthcare. In this paper, we aim to introduce how the integration of visual storytelling techniques together with provenance
data in the analytic systems used in medicine can compensate for these issues, by enhancing communication of results and
reproducibility of findings through diagnostic provenance data. To this end, we illustrate how we can improve the interaction
with provenance data displayed in a graph in order to facilitate authoring and the creation process of visual data stories
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TitelEuroVis 2018 - Short Papers
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StatusPublished - 2018
EvenementEuroVis 2018 : 20th EG/VGTC Conference on Visualization - Masaryk University , Brno, Czech Republic
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ConferenceEuroVis 2018
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