Impulse controllability of switched differential-algebraic equations

Paul Wijnbergen*, Stephan Trenn

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This paper addresses impulse controllability of switched DAEs on a finite interval. First we present a forward approach where we define certain subspaces forward in time. These subpsaces are then used to provide a sufficient condition for impulse controllability. In order to obtain a full characterization we present afterwards a backward approach, where a sequence of subspaces is defined backwards in time. With the help of the last element of this backward sequence, we are able to fully characterize impulse controllability. All results are geometric results and thus independent of a coordinate system.
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TitelProceeding of ECC2020
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StatusPublished - mei-2020
Evenement2020 European Control Conference (ECC) - Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Duur: 12-mei-202015-mei-2020


Conference2020 European Control Conference (ECC)
Land/RegioRussian Federation
StadSaint Petersburg

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