In Silico Modelling of the Human Intestinal Microflora

Derk Jan Kamerman, Michael H.F. Wilkinson


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The ecology of the human intestinal microflora and its interaction with the host are poorly understood. Though more and more data are being acquired, in part using modern molecular methods, development of a quantitative theory has not kept pace with this development. This is in part due to the complexity of the system, and to the lack of simulation environments in which to test what the ecological effect of a hypothetical mechanism of interaction would be, before resorting to laboratory experiments. The MIMICS project attempts to address this through the development of a system for simulation of the intestinal microflora. In this paper the design, possibilities and relevance of this simulator including an intestinal wall are discussed.
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UitgeverijUniversity of Groningen, Johann Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
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StatusPublished - 2002

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