Inclusive education in the context of minority and migrant languages

Joana Duarte, Cor van der Meer



    The article addresses the topic of inclusive education of both minority and migrant languages across European education systems. It aims at presenting the current trends of the field and the complexity of approaches chosen to deal with linguistic diversity at different levels of education. It presents and discusses five research projects that are based on the common idea that all types of individual
    plurilingualism should be acknowledged as a valuable resource in the teaching and learning process. Results of these projects contain diverse propositions for organizations’ and teachers to include multiple languages in education: national languages, alongside minority and migrant languages but also typical school foreign languages.
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    TitelCommunities in control (FEL XXI)
    RedacteurenNicholas Ostler, Vera Ferreira, Chris Moseley
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    UitgeverijFoundation for Endangered Languages
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    StatusPublished - 2018

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