Influenza virosomes supplemented with GPI-0100 adjuvant: a potent vaccine formulation for antigen dose sparing

Heng Liu, Jacqueline de Vries-Idema, Wouter ter Veer, Jan Wilschut, Anke Huckriede*

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Adjuvants can stimulate vaccine-induced immune responses and can contribute decisively to antigen dose sparing when vaccine antigen production is limited, as for example during a pandemic influenza outbreak. We earlier showed that GPI-0100, a semi-synthetic saponin derivative with amphiphilic structure, significantly stimulates the immunogenicity and protective efficacy of influenza subunit vaccine administered via a systemic route. Here, we evaluated the adjuvant effect of GPI-0100 on a virosomal influenza vaccine formulation. In contrast to influenza subunit vaccine adjuvanted with GPI-0100, virosomal vaccine supplemented with the same dose of GPI-0100 provided full protection of mice against infection at the extremely low antigen dose of 2 x 8 ng hemagglutinin. Overall, adjuvanted virosomes elicited higher antibody and T-cell responses than did adjuvanted subunit vaccine. The enhanced immunogenicity of the GPI-0100-adjuvanted virosomes, particularly at low antigen doses, is possibly due to a physical association of the amphiphilic adjuvant with the virosomal membrane. These results show that a combination of GPI-0100 and a virosomal influenza vaccine formulation is highly immunogenic and allows the use of very low antigen doses without compromising the protective potential of the vaccine.

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TijdschriftMedical microbiology and immunology
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StatusPublished - feb-2014

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