Informal hierarchy: an investigation into the antecedents and consequences


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Informal hierarchies are a ubiquitous feature of groups and teams. Drawing from prior literature on informal hierarchies, this dissertation highlights two key problems that restrain our theoretical understanding of informal hierarchies. First, little is known about when and why groups develop weaker or stronger informal hierarchies. Second, both theory and findings on the consequences of in informal hierarchy strength are contradictory with studies showing both positive and negative effects on performance outcomes. The present dissertation addresses both these issues, by identifying antecedents of informal hierarchy strength; and studying its conditional relationship with team performance and team creativity. In doing so, this dissertation enriches our understanding of the nomological network and will help organizations to more effectively deal with issues around hierarchical organization.
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  • van der Vegt, Geert, Supervisor
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Datum van toekenning14-sep.-2020
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