Instantaneous magnetic resonance spectroscopy of a sample

Mayeul Sylvain Chipaux (Uitvinder), Romana Schirhagl (Uitvinder)



The present disclosure relates to a method and system for measuring a magnetic resonance spectrum (M) of a sample (11s). The sample (11s) to be measured is provided in proximity to a sensor array (12). The sensor array (12) comprises a plurality of magnetic resonance sensors (12s) distributed along a predetermined coordinate (X) of the sensor array (12). A magnetic field gradient is applied over the sample (11s) such that the magnetic field (B) varies over different regions (S) of the sample (11s) as a function of a respective position of each sample region (S) along the coordinate (X). Sensor signals (Lu) of the magnetic resonance sensors (12s) are recorded as a function of the coordinate (X) to determine the magnetic resonance spectrum (M).
Originele taal-2English
StatusPublished - 12-jul.-2018

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