Integrated management of Drosophila suzukii: Monitoring and management strategies


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The invasive fruit fly, Drosophila suzukii, has become a global threat to small fruit production due to its global expansion and biological characteristics. Its ability to produce seasonal morphotypes allows it to survive in various climates, leading to multiple generations per year. Females prefer soft-skinned fruits for oviposition, causing economic losses for growers as larvae feed on fruit pulp and create openings for pathogenic microorganisms. In regions like the Netherlands and Brazil, significant fruit losses have been recorded, affecting crops like small berries and grapes. This research explored different approaches to integrated pest management and contributes to the development of an integrated pest management program for D. suzukii, focusing primarily on vineyards in the south of Brazil. Fieldwork monitoring revealed that population dynamics are influenced by microclimate conditions, particularly humidity. A higher population density was observed in the forest border compared to the vineyards. Grape-cultivar-susceptibility varied, with skin resistance and pH influencing oviposition. Tested botanical compounds showed potential for controlling D. suzukii whereas high dynamized dilutions increased D. suzukii reproduction. Recommendations include vineyard monitoring during grape ripening and selective implementation of management strategies based on cultivar-susceptibility. Sustainable tools are promising for effective pest control and should be further explored for integration into sustainable strategies. Overall, this research provides information that can be integrated in a management program for D. suzukii in vineyards located in the São Joaquim region, Santa Catarina, Brazil.
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