Integrated Spatial-Temporal decomposition analysis for life cycle assessment of carbon emission intensity change in various regions of China

Muhammad Azam, Younes Ben-Zaied*, Ahmad Hunjra, Nazim Hussain

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The paper uses a Spatial-Temporal decomposition approach to production to examine the relative environmental performances of eight geographic regions of China for the period 2006–2014. The study results show that the effects of the economic and energy usage efficiency are high, and their values indicate above-average performance. In terms of the effects of carbon intensity, GDP gap, and economic efficiency, the results indicate that most regions show below-average performances. Special attention should be given to the energy use production structure and product innovation to achieve a desirable level of output and the level of technical efficiency.
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Vroegere onlinedatum21-okt.-2022
StatusPublished - dec.-2022

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